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We are a group of like-minded pastors, evangelists, and missionaries from independent Baptist Churches who have come together with one common goal: to be a help to church planters in America.

RRVBPF exists to give financial aid and practical support to church planters. It is also a source of encouragement for pastors through solid Biblical preaching, offering warm fellowship and camaraderie to all who choose to participate.  

The process for gaining support as a church planter involves an intense screening process by the board of directors, followed by an interview which includes the candidate’s sending church pastor. The church planter is then presented to the pastors of the fellowship at one of the monthly meetings, at which time he will be given the opportunity to share his ministry and burden with those who are in attendance.  

Pastors have the option to commit to monthly support or a one-time gift for the church planter, which will be processed through the Office of the Treasurer.  The autonomy of the local church is always recognized and respected, therefore each pastor has the freedom to give as he sees fit. The church planter will receive a three-year commitment of support from the fellowship pastors who decide to get involved with his ministry.  A mandatory renewal application is required from the church planter every six months, in order to monitor the progress of his ministry and to further assess his needs.

Through this process, God has enabled the RRVBPF to help more than 1500 churches in over 50 years of ministry.  Would you join us in our goal of helping church planters in their mission to give the Gospel to areas in America where there is currently no independent Baptist church in existence? 

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